Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) is the professional field in which one or more equines (horses, ponies, donkeys, burros, or mules) are incorporated into activities that help clients achieve emotional growth and learning. EAP is experiential in nature, meaning that clients learn by participating in hands-on activities with the horses and then discussing behavioral patterns and how they relate to everyday life.
At Take Flight Farms, we deliver all EAP sessions based on a team approach: the client, a licensed therapist, a professional horse-knowledgeable person and at least one horse. Riding is not part of the program; our activities take place 100% on the ground.
All sessions are strictly confidential, and close communication between the Take Flight therapy team and the client’s therapist is essential to the success of this process. Click on the link below to see specific examples of activities we use in EAP sessions.
Who can benefit from EAP?

For individuals who are in need of assistance paying for Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy we offer a Horses Make a Difference Scholarship Fund. For more information on our scholarship program contact us at: contact@takeflightfarms.org