The whole concept of Take Flight Farms revolves around the centuries-old relationship between Human and Horse. Even when the automobile usurped their basic functions, horses continued to be a part of many people’s lives. In explaining what we do at Take Flight Farms, we are often asked, “Why horses? Why not dogs, or basketball or music?”

To put it simply, horses are incredibly smart and honest creatures. Like humans, they are very social and have unique personalities. The horse has an innate ability to mirror a client’s behavior. If that behavior happens to be ineffectual, the horse is able to safely and quickly confront it and demand modification. This leads clients to find strengths deep within themselves that they may otherwise have not. Breakthroughs tend to occur much more quickly this way than in typical therapy settings.



Fletcher is an all black thoroughbred gelding. He loves to be with his friends and can be sensitive to his environment, we think this makes him a perfect addition to our team!


Rocky is a big bay warmblood gelding. He is an energetic and fun loving member of our team!


Luke is a beautiful grey gelding with a gentle disposition. He is a retired show jumper who has found a new career as a member of our team!